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Barbie had so many careers and a very exciting lifestyle. Did someone in Mattel get ahold of the Internet jokes about what kind of Barbie's to make? Immediately, your temperament has changed a lot and your parents and friends might get a big surprise! Children may prefer diverse games than girls generally like. By Alexa Swan : A how to tutorial about games, barbie games, barbie dress up, Gaming with step by step guide from Alexa Swan. There are aesthetic changes which refer to the hair length and color and especially to the costumes and there are technical changes, mainly allowing Barbie to become more flexible. Most of boys toys are action heroes like Ben 10, Bay blades and many other such toys. Who else would Eleanor affectionately name, Red Headed Bitch? I smiled but I'm sure, he noticed the sadness in my eyes. With each of these games the main character will be a Barbie figure. Now, wash your hair and condition them well. Read and comment please! Barbie Games: Barbie games are a popular source of entertainment for little girls. You can choose banner-free printing of your Barbie coloring pages. I assume I heard it once that if Barbie was a real person she would be over seven feet tall to scale. Barbie was able to afford every luxury, clothes from famous designers, and take care of herself all on her own. This helps inspire children to set high career goals for themselves. Now girls can dress up Bratz every day. From blonde, Barbie can become a red head or brunette From being petite into a much huggable and chubby model. For how many decades pass by still the Barbie dolls rocks today. They should be exactly the same. They both speak, which is a sign that the morphological changes start to be competed by technical ones. Besides all the cars, houses and accessories that you can buy for your Barbie, you can outfit your own child in Barbie clothes, sleepwear and accessories. A correct fitting lens doesn't simply fall off. She again met with some people who looked the Lilli doll over and decided that a doll could be done. You also have the option of uploading your own favorite designs. These are lending fuel to gossip that the pair might be seeking reconciliation.

It is also a good idea to check for free shipping and other coupon codes. You will need two the same size, but have an interior fabric, like soft fleece. The dress looked very nice to Jenny most especially that it was highlighted by a contrasting gold panel then on. Little girls jump up and down whenever they see dolls. Take the interior fabric strips and lay them face down, each one on top of the exterior piece. Once we got talking about why good manners are important (and how "good manners" means so much more than keeping elbows off the table), I was able to interest them in buying a book about good manners in the American Girl store. Pin in place with pins. You can buy doll bed furniture to go with your American girl doll bed. Now, take one piece of the exterior base fabric. It allowed us to be together in a setting that was comfortable enough to talk, but not be awkward. So, they have started producing dolls on a massive scale. In 1824 she struggles to hold onto memories of her mom. The American Doll Collection has its roots in Mrs. These dolls have permanent clothing painted or engraved on their bodies. Approximate seating time: 9:30 a.m. But for girls, there's another toy option on this Cyber Monday. Now, for the handle on the American Girl Doll purse craft. The stories are originally focused on various periods of American history. You may also want to get a subscription of American Girl Magazine and make a large bulletin board featuring some of the images and ideas in the magazine. Kurtz, who is white, grew up in Ethiopia and primarily writes books about African American children. Although some girls prefer Barbie, some want a larger sized doll for a more realistic approach in playing. Your American girl doll enriches your imagination and creativity. The party host will enjoy helping to prepare these simple foods. By chrisjeffery : A how to tutorial about american girl doll clothes american girl dolls cl, Shopping with step by step guide from chrisjeffery. If this is the case you can either e-mail the people holding the sale to see if they are selling any American Girl items, or show up at the sale and inquire in person. Use a variety of dolls, from Barbie and Ken to baby dolls and American Girl dolls. Install the male part of the metal snap inside the top flap of the pure. In case you're a wonderful resourceful buyer, you can actually get exceptional cheap deals, which has a variety of price ranges which would meet almost any budget, which includes yours.To start with getting started an important search on the actual internet to get the best American Girl specials and launching a getting spree in the way, you must think of the beneficial variables taking part when shopping for the most suitable great bargains and additionally earning that best buy, likewise. Now is also the time to make your doll look cool and preppy.

After all, they are a lot fonder of playing with their blocks, trucks, and play figures. Clothing stores for teenagers are located throughout the San Jose, California area. I consider myself pretty desensitized these days, though those few flicks still managed to make a horror buff such as myself peer over my shoulder and check once under the bed before going night night. A note that told me where in our house to find my last present. This can actually be quite exciting, but be careful not to get caught up and overextend your bidding. Most stores require that you ask for the adjustment during the promotion. Definitely make this a weekend trip at least, as many craft shops and general stores abound for wondrous shopping experiences. For example, the sellers who sell collectible items on Ebay are passionate collectors as well so they know what each coin is actually worth. Jimmy Raymond and his millions of unsightly adopted siblings made Roberts a billionaire. My mom told me my aunt cried over not being able to get a Cabbage Patch Kid doll for my cousin and was afraid she would be unhappy. Do in-depth research before purchasing any particular kind of collectible dolls. Despite all these Cabbage Patch Kids' misbehaving flaws, they will always have a place in my heart. Because each of the characters in the Lalaloopsy line have special character traits and interests, they provide an outlet for a child's unique imagination and creativity. A lot of people looked to find a Cabbage Patch Kid which looked just like themselves as kids or which resembled their own children or could be their brother or sister. Aside from purchasing your collection, why not just create your own designs and themes. Constructicons were the first Transformers that could be combined to make a larger robot. Any themed occasion will provide an opportunity to give an affordable gift to a group that they will wear and enjoy. In the cabbage patch there is a battle of wills. However, the story line does not seem to be the real appeal-it's the abstraction of the character. Next to that are the tennis courts that visitors can use for recreation. A series of trading cards were introduced in their names which came to be known as Garbage Pail Kids. On Christmas morning. Teen Heaven carries a selection of casual everyday wear appropriate for most functions a teenager will attend. In 2003 Play Along toys got the right to produce Cabbage Patch Kids. Shopping at a clothing store specifically for teenagers is a fun way to shop for quality and appropriate clothing for their age level. I went searching, and opened my parents closet. Timeless Trinkets Timeless Trinkets is an online retailer that sells the toys of our past, as well as some of the more popular toys currently coming out.

Barbie had so many careers and a very exciting lifestyle. Barbie Little Black Dress Adopt an absolute classic Barbie outfit: black dress, necessary in any fashionistas wardrobe. The standard hair style, the same clichd style of dressing can be too uninteresting. These links should satisfy the Barbie lover and coloring fan in one project. Remember to check out Everything Girl, the official Mattel toy site, which features Barbie, for more online and printable fun. Playing these games you need to be more patient, because it is like cooking dish in reality. More importantly in the eyes of Mattel, they consistently help to keep the Barbie line up alive and well with a never ending supply of accessories, clothing, cars and other gadgets that are still keeping kids occupied today. I've written about it here once before, but I still consider the Barbie Doll to be a major part in why young girls started developing eating disorders starting in the 1960's onward, with the disease getting worse each decade. What is it about Barbie dolls that encourage such serious loyalty and appreciation from enthusiasts? Few girls have only one or two of these play dolls and there is good reason for choosing this brand for your child. Playing the overall game is easy. There is an agreeable point that Barbie Dress up Games online evaluates to its player the asset of its existence. In 1956, the Handlers went on a trip to Europe where Ruth found a grown up doll named Lilli. Barbie Dress up Games is an online gaming that keeps a lovely enhancement to your personality. Ken: Barbie's Ideal Boyfriend Much like the Barbie doll, the development of the Ken doll has evolved in phases; beginning simply as a young partner for his girlfriend Barbie and later evolving into more of a reflection of the "perfect boyfriend." Throughout Ken's early development, the influence of pop culture can be seen with the dramatic stylistic adjustments echoing the signs and styles of the times. Your mission is to help her choose between different dress colors using a magic paint palette; and to accessories, her hair and her clothes with all sorts of amazing royal jewelers and pretty things! In 1992, Mattel created a Barbie model that had precisely the size of a child - My Size Barbie - and it is presented to customers as the first doll with which girls can exchange clothes. Indeed, many patients who haven't ever been ready to wear contacts due to their astigmatic prescription are now able to successfully wear contact lenses. Having this kind of online game, is recognizing the facts that clothing is one of the important aspects that fixed the personality of a certain person, furthermore dressing may have an accent if how another may looked at that person who dress-up like a stylist or eventful one in which the art of clothing is what that person working for. During the Christmas season there are the latest Barbie collectibles available. One day when I have a daughter of my own, I can look forward to passing on my collection to her. These four pairs of shoes include leopard high- heel boot, coxcombical golden pump, classic black high-heeled ankle boot and the special customized pink high-heeled shoes designed by Christian Louboutin for Barbie. Since the creation of Barbie, many ladies and women have become keen on it and many have had their early life shaped by this exciting doll. This online game can give you tips if what clothing is right for you. The first Ken Doll had flocked hair in either blonde or brunette, blue eyes and he was 12 inches tall. Market online Once the Barbie doll clothing business is launched, marketing becomes very essential. This pretty little doll, with her miniature accessories and the ability to capture the imaginations of little girls (and not so little girls) everywhere isn't really guilty of anything other than being perfect and perfectly feminine.

They also learn the basic skills in sewing and stitching such as handling of buttons and zippers. You can also play this game with a regular doll or a Barbie. This allows for creative play and hours of imaginative fun. The industries of 18 inch dolls and 18 inch doll clothing are witnessing a rapid growth, thanks to the popularity of this hobby among people and also among young girls. Today, though, many other fabrics are used to manufacture dolls, including synthetic or artificial materials. This should be a thin bead. Still, you can use some of the elements from your favorite American girl dolls and their stories to create a bedroom theme. These gifts may catalyze the recipients also to become hobbyists of 18 inch dolls. Line it up with the front of the bag and install the male part. Magazine subscriptions are great gifts from relatives that live far away as they deliver thoughts from you through out the year. These porcelain dolls were created by several French doll firms and eventually became popular through the early 1900s. Therefore, these hobbyists and children will do well if they keep updating their knowledge in designs, color combinations and styles so that they can earn a good income out of this hobby. In other words, you will be able to check out the latest bidding information from a single website for the item that you want to bid on. For example, the options for my daughter's doll, Kaya, includes items such as a small stuffed dog, a tipi, a bedroll, a small bag containing food and many more things. Children would use these dolls as puppets to reenact scenes from classics. 18 inch dolls even have traditional dresses and costumes from different cultures and nations. American Girl dolls are 18-inch dolls that portray ten-year old girls of different ethnicities. Use creating that the writer is passionate about, rather than dry, tedious text guides. Do you want to encourage reading and give a gift that arrives in her mailbox all year long to tell her you're thinking of her? Check out the Build a Bear store today. Cut crusts from bread and cut a finished sandwich diagonally into quarters or use mini rolls cut in half, with the halves secured with a cocktail pick. And these chances can be utilized for teaching them to do budgeting and making their purchases within the allocated amount. Either the available dolls depicted infants, or they were too grown-up-suitable only for maturing teenagers. You can buy tables, lamps, rugs and bedding. And this goes beyond human use. Each American Girl store is a little bit different. It really allowed us the time we both needed to get informed while not feeling the pressure of communicating such a sensitive topic right away. The success of the original three dolls spurred Rowland and her American Girl Doll company to add five more dolls to their line-up in the next several years. Nonetheless, Felicity's grand father and her best buddy, Elizabeth, really feel that the King, who lives way absent in England, is the greatest person to rule the colonies.Tags: doll body for 1415 berenguer reborn baby, custom body for trinny and tallulah reborn doll kits by jessica schenk, reborn baby taylor comes with everything you need cloths body eyes etc , 19 reborn doe suede body for baby doll kits completely full limbs arms , solid silicone full body girl alissa 3 of 3 worldwide, 1920 reborn doe suede body fleshtone for baby doll kits 34 a, reborn kit complete kit with body baylee reborn doll biracial nr $1, martin reborn doll kit by annie kiely with doe suede body, new reborn doll kit angelina by romie strydom 238800 body included le, bargainfull bodyjulie molly rarepremmie solid silicone baby girlamazing, 20 reborn doe suede body for baby doll kits 34 arms amp; full jointed legs, solid silicone full body 10 inch ryan 2 , reborn doe suede body for 34 limb savannah violet 19 baby 8416, solid silicone cloth body baby, reborn doll kit vinyl body amp; plugsmaisie sculpt by marissa may, doe suede body full legs 34 arms honey sugar 20 newborn reborn baby doll 5919, reborn doll kits bodys paint brushes dvdmohair clothes glass beads huge lot

But we shouldn't minimize the fact that there are some very important differences between these two dolls that may affect the differences in their popularity. Blam - Noreaga Hello, Good Morning (Remix) - Dirty Money Home Sweet Home - Lloyd Banks ft. The actual history of the creation of Cabbage Patch Kids obviously varies slightly. This may also translate into better communication and a higher degree of responsibility and intimacy in a little boy's relationships as an adult. There is camping in 75 tent and trailers, 16 loaded 2-3 bedroom cottages, and 30 primitive "back to nature" sites. Each doll has its own little story, including a name and a birthday printed on a birth certificate as though it were a real little kid from the cabbage patch. Bisque Dolls: These are made of tinted and unglazed porcelain. After our visit with Santa, I explained how sometimes Santa doesn't bring the gift you ask for -- sometimes, because he's so smart, he brings a gift you'll like even better. Have you noticed the trend of bringing back classic 80's toys? My son has received several Transformers toys as gifts, and all of them have broken into pieces the very first time he tries to transform them. You may have a stronger will but you have other stuff to do and they don't. Many stores offer a price guarantee. Depending on the type of video being released, as an example Spider Man or Star Wars, you may not have any viable competition because of the quality of the films. For those who often wonder why companies give free stuff to celebrities, that is one example of why it works sometimes better than commercials. Engineer, Scott Stillinger, tied rubber bands together to make a ball that would be easy for his children to hold and throw. Just like the other Cabbage Patch Dolls, it is also been equipped with Adoption Certificate that the girls will feel to have her own adopted baby. There is an opinion stating in the contrary of an age-old belief that cabbages are the cause of thyroid diseases especially to women. The artwork is really cute. did not time to enjoy and prepare for this wonderful holiday because they were running around looking for Cabbage Patch Kids. The item's condition will be spelled out in very specific terms: "new", "good", "working", "parts only", "tested and working at time of listing", "fair", "size unknown", "brand unknown". Just be sure to take location, cash flow, and your backup plan into consideration. She comes with her signature Disney colors and has an outfit that shines and sparkles, it is non removable which can be a good and bad thing for girls. As you exit the hospital, you are taken through the hospital gift shop. But then all the girls started bringing their Cabbage Patch Kids to school, and I had to have one too! In addition, finding your niche market will enable you to minimize your need to compete with other established sellers in a broad but popular industry. Webkinz might be the next fad in a long history of fads, but the Webkinz world has a very unique thing going for it-the educational value of the Webkinz world website, and the accessibility for parents of that site. Hair would be curly, straight or even wavy.

Heidi Klum, who is married to singer Seal and the mother of three, will come to a bookstore near you wearing nothing in October. While fabrics can be expensive, it will be easy to afford small amounts due to the size of Barbie dolls. See if you can knock up a few outfits for your own holiday by practicing on Barbie! Because she does not write her patterns, I knew I had to come up with my own dress that just consisted of single crochets, meaning no shells in the bust area, and had some straps. Barbie turns 50 on March 9th, but she's not getting any presents or birthday cake from Democratic Delegate Jeff Eldridge of West Virginia. I saw Storm cringe at the sound. Barbie dolls are the companions for many girls when they are young, but when grown up, many girls also will buy the dolls as a collection. Tie a good knot in one end of the elastic thread. She expressed her idea of toys with adult bodies to her husband. Therefore, it may be tough for these new toys slash electronics devices to replace the Barbie doll. To have some fun with these games it is not necessary to have watched any of these movies. You'll also amendment her lip color and build up. You might get bored using the same old clothes and make-up stuffs whereas online you can get a huge variety in dresses and accessories. This new doll looked nothing at all like Barbara. The possibilities are endless! One can also get wide range of Barbie related vehicles like trailers, jeeps and pink convertibles. Thank you for 50 years of whiny little girls at the toy store, setting the unrealistic standard of physical perfection for impressionable girls and culture at large, and priceless moments with countless curious boys. Like the break ups of famous couples in Hollywood, the break up of Barbie and Ken was big news. No matter how many dolls your child has, this is a great new addition to their collection. The website has a tremendous amount of free printable Barbie coloring pages! Barbie Dress up Games is what exactly gives a real meaning to you because there are more chances of enhancing your personality, remember that towards dressing, or eventually towards the fashion of dressing you may attract attentions of the people who impressed so much of how you dress up. With nearly 50 years under her belt she has seen just about everything. It will soon be advertised on commercials nation wide. Barbie is a well-known complete of dolls that have revolutionized the idea of the way very little women view and play will dolls. The sinks and bathtub look very beautiful and elegant with a touch of color to the porcelain objects. There are many distinct types of dolls and practically as many types of collectors, but there's something extraordinary about Barbie dolls. I could hardly wait for Christmas to arrive because I knew that I had a brand new Barbie to add to my cherished collection.

Use your scissors to round the two bottom corners. You can to use a coordinating piece of gross grain ribbon to make ht handle. This industry has also understood that not only young children but even adults are pursuing this hobby. But, if parents guide them properly, they can also develop this ability. Mini sandwiches are a big hit. My daughter and I then educated ourselves on how to create our own doll hospital. If you like, you could make your own box of questions to guide the dinnertime conversation at your daughter's American Girl dinner party. The American Girl Cafe in Chicago is a special place for a nice meal with your doll at the American Girl Store in Chicago Don't miss the doll hair salon as well. Samantha Parkington (also known as Samantha American Girl Doll or American Girl Samantha) is one of the most popular dolls produced by the Pleasant Company. Having said that, one being parents grasp there are far more financial restrictions in the present day and you simply really have to grow your money to invest in these kind of specific "extras" with regards to your darling little girls. When my daughter started reading the book, I found that a trip to Starbucks or the ice cream shop was a great time to have some quality time with my daughter to talk about the chapter she was reading. You can even use existing shoe designs as reference. Even better is to have your daughter ask. They are often sold with accompanying books told from the viewpoint of the girls. You daughter may also learn something about saving money as well. There are different channels where you can acquire American Girl dolls. There is a whole range and variety to choose from. Go ahead and install the snap. Many children prefer 18 inch dolls because their sizes are more appropriate for dressing games. Put on the flyer that you will pay cash for American Girl Doll items and include tabs with your phone number. Our seating for tea was at 4:00 p.m., which required us to present ourselves at 3:45 p.m. These children are also likely to become better parents because they act and behave like "imaginary parents" to these dolls when they play with them. There are also new items found on the catalog including accessories like the Starry Doll Carrier in Doll Care, the Bitty Baby's starter collection featuring outfits, a blanket, and more. You'll be able to find bunk beds all over I have got some glorious places to look. Also there probably be invisible payments who go alongside free shipping. Have some fun with this. Now its time to decide what sort of food that you want for your American Girl Doll. You will need to get yoru parent's permission, but these can work just as well. Chrissa is the American Girl of the Year Doll for 2009 and will only be available until December 31st or while supplies last.

For example, when the My Little Pony line was reintroduced in the late 1990s, they differed significantly in size and shape. Because Kitty is such a simple visual expression of an idea, she catches on quickly with people of all educational and ethnic backgrounds. I was terrified to go into her room for the fear of simply making eye contact with Mr. Being a contained environment it will allow you to grow on otherwise unsuitable sites and also affords complete mastery of the soil content and drainage. Some of the clever names still make me laugh.) Sadly, I don't have any of my old Garbage Pail Kids cards now. Most stores require that you ask for the adjustment during the promotion. Some of the girls had pig-tails, while others wore their hair down or in a straight pony-tail. If you pay attention to the toy market, you may have noticed the popular new dolls for young girls, the Lalaloopsy dolls. When you deliver out the invitations to the Cabbage Patch Youngsters get together, make specified to inspire friends to provide their Cabbage Patch Child with them. Unlike other websites wherein interaction is minimal, Ebay seems to provide a personalized touch wherein people can still feel like they are talking to another person instead of a computer. The online activities are age appropriate. Putting things into perspective. It is reusable, and like modeling clay, there is the option of drying the project into a stiff object. Hello Kitty has commercial admirers as well. Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, these sound like harmless children's toys. In the mid-'80s, my brother and I jumped on the Garbage Pail Kids bandwagon. China Dolls: The material porcelain is used generically to refer to both, the china as well as the bisque dolls. My father told me that these kids were unavailable. That was a long time ago, but I hear they are still around. This leafy vegetable is a versatile one. The bebes were usually sold with very exquisite fashionable outfits and were available for a premium price. For those of you still out there looking for Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids and items, these sites are the best ones that I have found so far and they have fairly descent prices for their items. Starting with a minor project like a herb garden will not only familiarize you with the plants themselves, but will also provide a point of comparison to base future projects on. They are pretty expensive but it is definitely a value for money. I remember as a young teacher how popular the Cabbage Patch Kids were in the classroom. The tubs of Floam are comparable in size to that of other modeling compounds on the market. Despite even the best efforts made by marketer's and video producers, a faulty distribution approach can ruin it all.

Occasionally the company offers coupon codes for online orders, but on Cyber Monday the sale prices are already shown on the website. The weight of the felt and the fact that it does not fray make it perfect for this. There is also a room for birthday parties. Little girls jump up and down whenever they see dolls. The way a young girl dresses up her doll shows how she wants to look like when she grows up while the arrangement of furniture in her doll house may manifest the kind of environment she wants to live in someday. Rather, she is a spunky and spirited lady who believes that the American Colonies need to be cost-free. Shopping for doll clothes, especially as big as an 18 inch doll, is a task. Even though it is self adhering Velcro use some fabric glue with it. This also means that the bidder is willing to pay a much higher price compared to other bidders for the same item. To keep this craft simple you want to use a no Frey fabric like felt. So spend some time visiting auction comparison websites and look out for the diamond in the rough! The American Girl website offers great discounts on some selected item you might want to buy like doll accessories, clothes and doll furniture. And, check out their "Return Policy" in case you don't like your purchase. Sonali is Asian-Indian). You daughter may also learn something about saving money as well. Exquisite craftsmanship with beautiful detail, these dolls, while expensive at the outset, are worth their price in both lasting quality and in the dreams they fulfill. Do her buddies previously have their dolls? You will be using a digital camera to make these free American Girl Doll coloring pages. To Make This American Girl Doll Apron You Will Need: Fabric Ribbon Fabric Glue Scissors No Fray Product To get started you want to cut off a piece of ribbon to about 18 inches long. Each of these features a caf or bistro, a theatre with custom live entertainment, a hair salon for dolls, photo studio, doll hospital, and American Girl stores, brimming with doll clothes and accessories, matching girl clothes and accessories, toiletries, books and sundry American Girl themed trinkets. Manufacturers of 18 inch doll clothes or American girl doll clothes also bring out many designs and styles to suit the various seasons and changing tastes of the hobbyists and girls. Your American girl doll enriches your imagination and creativity. You can also use the left over end of the porch posts or spindles if you wish. My mom talked to us about a few basic things, but for the most part, conversations with my friends at school and just going through with it was how I had to deal with the changes in my own young body. By chrisjeffery : A how to tutorial about clothes for american girl doll, Hobbies with step by step guide from chrisjeffery. Including the name of the human guest and the doll guest on the invitations is a nice touch. Jenny took care of Elizabeth very well and her parents have seen this so they gave her another American Girl Doll on Christmas day following her 4th birthday. Apply no Frey to the cut edges. 18 inch dolls come with clothes, accessories and furniture that can reflect the life of an average American girl.Tags: reborn baby mini doll lifelike baby children doll 12 full silicone body, reborn baby doll kit cloth body for 26 inches baby doll suit for arianna, 1822 silicone vinyl soft belly plate for reborn baby doll kits and body set, unpainted reborn doll kit mismactch head and kyra limbs with body, reborn baby dolls cloth body for 20 reborn dolls kit with joints and cable ties, custom made reborn body soft fleece 1920 34 limbs ties inserted free ship, the art of sculpting body amp; clothes set dark skin for 17 my baby reborn doll, 16 in premie darla 3d skin full vinyl body no res extrasbb good nursery , 16 in premie dorie full girl body 3d skin no res bb good nursery , 6 reborn preemie baby doll cloth body heat set painted vinyl head arms leg, junior 18 reborn doll kit amp; cloth bodydollimixtures no belly plate coa 240, junior 18 reborn doll kit amp; cloth bodydollimixtureswbelly platelast one, a sweet berenguer dolldrinks amp; wets full vinyl bodyexcellent condition, zapf creations 16 german baby doll weighted body wsleepy eyes for reborn ooak, 18 weighted berenguer baby open mouth cloth body vinyl limbs good for reborn, berenguer baby doll sucky face 13 inch vinyl head plush body for play or reborn, soft body collectors child doll toy vinyl body; unusual expression , reborn baby boy prince full vinyl body anatomically correct very detailed, full body silicone baby doll